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Why Hurry Curry Over the Others?

Authentic Flavours
Hurry Curry offers a genuine taste of Indian cuisine, featuring simmered in-house curries curated from traditional recipes, to ensure a unique and authentic dining experience for our customers.

Streamlined Operations
Benefit from a highly efficient operational model designed for high volume and quick service, making it a perfect fit for urban areas and food courts.

Marketing Leverage
Leverage a strong brand identity that resonates with a wide audience. From design to ads, our in-house marketing team provides robust, data-driven campaigns to help your franchise grow.

The 'Mall' Approach
One of the only Indian players in major food courts! Benefit from our first-movers advantage and secure spots in high profile malls with little competition. But we still kill it at our street locations!

Financing Advantage

Our robust relationships with key financing institutions ease the path to securing franchise financing

Flexible Layouts
Whether you opt for a small, kiosk-based setup or a full-fledged dining area, our adaptive store designs make it easier to fit into a variety of retail spaces

Proven Success
Join a rapidly growing brand that has successfully penetrated diverse markets, boasting impressive sales and customer retention rates

What You Should Know

Setup Cost (Turnkey) : $350,000 - $650,000

(May vary depending on location and other factors)

Franchise Fees : $30,000

Legal and other fees: $10,000

Royalties: 6%

Marketing & Advertisement Fees: 3%

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